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Welcome to Five Springs Health + Wellness

Five Springs Health + Wellness is the Big Horn Basin’s first ever nurse practitioner-led practice. We provide comprehensive, individualized healthcare to families in the area. Located in Powell, Wyoming, Five Springs is committed to fostering safe and transparent relationships with patients, ensuring whole-person and whole-family care for all.

Services offered by Five Springs include primary healthcare, wellness solutions, and aesthetic services. Providing local and affordable healthcare for the entire family is our focus at Five Springs Health + Wellness. We’re here for you whenever you need us.

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Our Mission

Five Springs is a fully collaborative partner with our patients, our peers and our communities, ensuring you and your family receive comprehensive healthcare, safe and transparent relationships, proven practices, tailored solutions, and a bold new approach to healthcare.

Nurse-led vs. Physician-led

Nurse-led clinics are becoming more and more common across the United States. These facilities typically focus on underserved communities and are located in areas with little access to quality healthcare. Being located in a rural area, Five Springs Health + Wellness strives to serve the rural communities in the surrounding locations. 
As the first nurse-led clinic in the Big Horn Basin, Five Springs will provide longer consultations to patients, provide more information regarding treatment plans, and spend more time working towards a healthier lifestyle. Recent research states that patients have higher overall satisfaction with nurse-led clinics over physician-led.
Our Values

Comprehensive Healthcare

We are your primary healthcare provider, assuring your well-being through whole-person, whole-family care.

Safe, Transparent Relationships

We are guided by safety in how we plan your care, provide confidentiality, and ensure empathy and respect in all our interactions.

Proven Practices

We are guided by continual education, best practices and researched solutions to provide you with optimal care.

Tailored Solutions

We are resourceful and thorough, making decisions that are individualized to you and your family’s needs.

Bold, New Approach

We are breaking the mold in the field of healthcare; building a new legacy for our families and our communities.


Shelby Frost FNP - BC

A Wyoming native, Shelby Frost is ready and dedicated to provide the level of care you and your family need to get back to feeling your best.

Why choose Five Springs

Nurse-led clinics have a lot to offer. With longer consultations and more community involvement, Five Springs ensures every patient will receive the individualized and comprehensive healthcare they need.

  • Comprehensive healthcare
  • Safe, transparent relationships
  • Proven practices
  • Tailored solutions
  • Bold, new approach

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