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health and wellness clinic for child and families

We are the Big Horn Basin's first Advanced Practice Registered Nurse primary care clinic.

Located in Powell, Wyoming, Five Springs is committed to fostering safe and transparent relationships with patients, ensuring whole-person and whole-family care for all.


As the Big Horn Basin’s first nurse practitioner-led primary care clinic, Five Springs Health + Wellness offers more than your average healthcare provider. With services for the whole family, we will make time for you no matter what your needs may be.


Our team of professionals is guided by continual education, best practices and researched solutions to provide you with optimal care. We are resourceful and thorough, making decisions that are individualized to you and your family’s needs.  


Whatever your medical need may be, we will make sure your voice is heard and respected. At every appointment, we will take the time to listen, get to know you, and come up with a plan that works. We truly care about your safety and privacy.

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